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Panelist at CMA’s DigiDays: “Navigating the Digital Labyrinth”

One of my first panels as a mobile product guy… never to late to start.The topic was  

eCommerce – Geo-targeted and mobile

Was with very knowledgeable and competent co-panelists. The room was full. Overall we did very well!

Moderator: Paula Gignac, President, IAB Canada
Andrea Stairs, Country Manager, eBay Canada
Jeremy Zuker, Founder, WagJag

As mobile and location services continue to grow, new models are emerging for promotions and deals. Mobile commerce and purchase decisions are changing in real-time through new initiatives including daily offers that are redeemed digitally and via mobile at point of sale. Marketers that are embracing and testing these new mediums stand to benefit from new users visiting because they are mobile and “close by”. How does this impact the world of e-Commerce and what does this mean for marketers?

Link to the event website

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