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Launching Mobile Placement Advertising

A smartphone is the ultimate tool for consumers to discover local products, services and businesses.

And we are embracing mobile devices at a dramatically fast pace to do so. There is a ton of studies and data to support this movement. As an example, for Yellow Pages Group,  more than 30% of searches are made from mobile devices. And that, more or less in the span of two years…

But here’s an interesting point.

When talking to an audience of SMB owners and marketers, I often start by asking the audience to raise their hands if they own a smartphone. I typically get 95% of people raising their hand. Then I ask who is currently using “mobile” to market their products and services. I rarely get more than about 10%… That more or less corresponds to the findings of a US study by Opus Research, shown in the chart below.

* You can read more about SMB Mobile Advertising trends in an article by Greg Sterling on Street Fight.

Mobile advertising is still in it’s in infancy stage. And for local business owners and marketers, it’s not always that obvious where to start and what to do to start leveraging mobile for marketing. When deciding to “go mobile”, there are simple things local business marketers can and should do, now.

I talk a little more about this on the Yellow Pages Group blog. You can also browse through the presentation (embedded at the bottom of this post)

1) Be present. In a nutshell, make sure that your “business profile” or “place page” is complete (on apps and mobile web destinations). Ready-to-buy consumers are – already – looking for your content.

2) Optimize your website for mobile. Less than 10% of the web is mobile-ready. Get to it! Read more about this on Search Engine Land.

3) Stand out. Start driving traffic to your mobile profile and/or website. This is the main objective of the new product we have launched in June 2011. We’ve introduced a very simple way for SMBs to capture those mobile eye balls…

Put Your Business at the Top of Mobile Searches

Achieve ultimate visibility and receive maximum qualified leads from mobile advertising. Appear in the top position for every 6 searches (or even more) in your market and business category.

More details on YPG’s 360 solutions site

Read the press release

> Yellow Pages Group Launches New Mobile Local Search Products to Increase Visibility to Canadian Businesses 


YPG Has New Mobile Ad Units for SMBs, National-Local Advertisers

Even though the overwhelming majority of SMBs aren’t doing any direct mobile advertising — some surveys indicate they’re thinking about it — the moment is right to start selling simple mobile ad products like this to the local market.


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